Project #2

Plastic bags pollute and endangers our Nature! We have to find a way to lessen negative impact of 'throw-away' plastic bags in Georgia. If we succeed in convincing the state government and gain its support through adoption of the restrictive regulations for the use of 'throw-away' plastic bags We can proudly say - we made an important step towards preservation of the Nature for future generations!

Group of enthusiastic youngsters have decided to start the journey – but first they need to know what it is all about – why plastic bags are so dangerous? Environmental specialists and peers involved in MATRA LWM GEO project guide, explain and do their best to answer all questions in a friendly and easily understandable way. Game play technique is used so that pupils absorb knowledge happily and willingly.

Journey started at schools of Black Sea Coastal area - Batumi, Kobuleti, Poti and Ureki and involved further the schoolchildren of the second large city of the country – Kutaisi.

During training sessions, educators discussed about the problem of the solid waste management, waste management at the national and local levels, recounted about good practices of other countries worldwide.

Effective communication methods and practices were explained so that pupils improve their communication skills, know how to transfer enthusiasm to the audience they target and achieve greater support in their work. MATRA LWM GEO project released the platform publication which includes training materials and photos.

Role of teachers is essential for the overall success of the initiative. Group of teachers from the selected schools were invited to the specialized training, which mainly focused on the awareness rising and information sharing activities.

In order to better attract the like-minded people, young leaders of the project have organized public events – presented idea of the campaign and collected signatures for the appeal on banning the use of 'throw-away' plastic bag in Georgia addressed to the President of the country. Stickers and T-shirts with slogans and logo of the campaign have been distributed among schoolchildren. Video-camera was awarded to the most active school.

Awareness rising component of the project lead by the young activists, envisaged presentation and brainstorming meetings involving governmental institutions, international organizations and the NGO sector.

Project innovation is to create an electronic journal, containing short stories describing the project phases and collection of the visual material. Environmental Journal will start up with the topic on wastes and continue with various environmental themes. A user-friendly and interesting journal, with the visitors' counter, will hopefully gain interest of different age people in Georgia and outside the country and help in better understanding of environmental problems.

GeorgianTVchannels and other media have been actively involved in conveying information on project related activities, putting on air social events and publishing media advisories released within the project.

Action and enthusiasm of youngsters brought together by the project has been realized in increased attention and support of the society to the problem of waste management in the country, expressed in numerous signatures collected throughout the initiative in support to banning usage of plastic bags. After completion of the project the project team will hand in the appeal to the President of Georgia signed by thousands of children, requesting adoption of regulations banning the use of 'throw-away' plastic bags in Georgia.

დაფინანსებულია ნიდერლანდების საგარეო საქმეთა სამინისტროს მიერ Matra-ს ცენტრალურ და აღმოსავლეთ ევროპაში სოციალური გარდაქმნების პროგრამის ფარგლები

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